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Noble Road Wines

Cellar Projects are aimed to promote the diversity of South Australian wines, produce the finest wines in the most suitable vintages.

In 1922, after serving in WWI, Grandfather Reginald Curtis migrated to Australia from Cornwall in England. Reginald planted the first Curtis family vineyard in 20 acres of land in Waikerie, South Australia. The father, Gordon Curtis, was one of the first students who graduated from Roseworthy campus, specializing in viticulture practices, and the Curtis family became one of the quality grape suppliers to G. Gramp and Sons, later Orlando Wines. In 2007, third generation Scott Curtis, benefiting from a family history of wine industry experience to continue the excellence in wine growing and making, established Noble Road Wines – named from the road just next to Curtis cottage in Waikerie.

The Moculta township was created in 1865 when Abraham Shannon subdivided land for 32 town allotments. The Shannon’s Vineyard was the very first vineyard planted on the outskirts of the township in year 1997. With an elevation of 350m above sea level, the vineyard enjoys a slightly more rainfall and cooler climate compare to the Barossa Floor.

First planted in 1916 , Mypolonga has more than 100 years of viticulture history. The signature red sandy soil has low fertility and well drained characteristics which nurtures the vines thus result in grapes of high quality. We are fortunate enough to work with the best local growers to revive this historical region.

Located in the middle east of south Australia, it produces half of all the grapes in south Australia and a quarter of the total amount of the country, making it the largest wine producing region in Australia. The glare of the sun makes the wines strong and fruity, popular for their juicy flavor and easy to drink style.

Genders Wines

Established in 1948, Genders is the third generation winery in Mclaren Vale, running by Diana Genders, with a rich family winemaking history dating back to 19th Century. The winery was founded by Diana’s parents, Keith and Rosemary Genders, in 1968. It has approximately 10 hactares of old vine Shiraz, Cabernet and Chardonnay planted in the heart of Mclaren Vale.
All the wines made at Genders represent the highest possible quality of Australian wine, all in limited production, a new icon of Mclaren Vale wine region.